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3rd Grade Digital Portfolios

posted May 14, 2014, 8:20 PM by
One of the most exciting adventures the 3rd grade team at Brookside took on this year was teaching the third graders how to create a digital portfolio using Google Sites. Yes, that's right, every 3rd grader at Brookside has a personal website that they created on their own! One third grade class took on the challenge and created their homepages, complete with a short biography and reason behind the site. Then, a few days later I went in and taught a small group of students how to add pages to their site in order to better organize their projects. After each student completed their own site they became a "tech coach" and taught another student- I stood by with Mrs. Rudden and monitored, but rarely did either of us have to step in- talk about Digital Natives! Once the entire class had finished adding to their sites they went on and taught the other third grade classes! I am constantly amazed by these techies!

Why is a digital portfolio important? As digital projects become more and more prevalent, students need a placeholder and somewhere to showcase their hard work. A digital portfolio is perfect for this; in addition they are able to keep and add to their site each year they are in the school district, until they leave 8th grade, at which point they are able to take their site with them. When a student adds something to their site they should do so with care. This is a portfolio and each project and piece should have a rational and reflection- skills that will carry them on through college or career. Not all the work they post has to be a technology project; they can also add pictures of their artwork or other assignments as well.

Due to privacy issues, these portfolios are only meant to be visible to the students, teachers, and parents; so unless you have a third grader at Brookside or know one- these will remain under wraps:)