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Great for Reader's Theater presentations and more! Students can create their own play using a variety of characters and by recording their voice. They can then take it to the next level by creating several short scenes and uploading them into iMovie to create a multiple scene movie.
Similar to Puppet Pals, this app is used to create stories with basic animation and voice recording. What I enjoy about this app is that is guides the user through the different stages of storytelling, complete with emotions. Students can also create their own characters using a draw tool. 
This is a great notes and organization app; some teachers use it for word sorts in companion to the Words Their Way word study program.
Fun book creator. Students can create their own books and publish them. The downside is in order to print them you have to export them to PDF; they no longer offer ordering.
If you use Google Drive on your computer, this is a great way to access and work on your documents on your mobile device.
I love this app for students! Students can use this app to demonstrate their learning, explain a concept, produce reports, and much, much more! Teachers have access to a wide variety of lessons that have already been created by others or they can create their own lessons and incorporate flipped learning in their classroom. Once the lesson is created it can be shared via email, link, or made public to others in Educreations. If you are interested in a demo or tutorial, please contact me and I would be happy to assist you in getting up and running in the class!
This is by far my favorite white board and screen casting app. The possibilities are endless and their are so many different tools that can be integrated and utilized. The other great thing about this particular app is that it integrates seamlessly with two other fantastic apps, Stick Around and Final Argument.
Toon Tastic