How can your Instructional Technology Coach support you?

I am here to support teachers in developing and implementing lessons, units, and assessments that are infused with best teaching practices and technology. 
Here are the many different ways I can provide that support!
  • Gather Resources
    • I can gather and research technology resources to meet classroom and curriculum needs
  • Co-Planning
    • I can guide team or individual collaborative planning session to develop lessons and units that use technology and best teaching practices
  • Team Teach
    • After collaboration I will team teach with the classroom teacher to help with the comfort level in implementing technology
  • Demo Lessons
    • Want to watch? I will come into your classroom and demonstrate a lesson with your students
  • Differentiate
    • I will help design technology choice assignments and projects for students
  • Assessments
    • I will support teachers in creating student performance products that integrates digital literacy, global competency and CCSS
  • Additional Training
    • Smarter Balanced support
    • Google Apps
    • iPad Apps
    • GLAD Support

What is the process?

The Instructional Technology Coach will be supporting the teachers in two formats.
  1. By focusing on one grade level for a six week series of lessons and individualized support
  2. Providing individual support to teachers as needed

Interested in working with me? Contact me with your needs!